December 31, 1969
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Cameron Kiddle

Cameron Kiddle is director of product marketing at PureWeb, an interactive 3D streaming service based in the Calgary area. He is an experienced product manager with a strong technical background in cloud computing, high-performance computing, remote visualization, simulation, and data management. Cameron loves helping to break down technical barriers and making it seamless for anyone to access the power of high-end computing systems.

Creation Engine Tech

Why ray tracing isn't just for video games (and which industries benefit most)
By Cameron Kiddle / November 5, 2019
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Real-time 3D

What is real-time 3D rendering (and why the future of digital depends on it)
By Cameron Kiddle / October 21, 2019
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Real-time 3D

6 reasons why PureWeb is the most powerful streaming platform for real-time 3D
By Cameron Kiddle / September 17, 2019
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Cloud Streaming

Deploying real-time 3D: WebGL or cloud rendering
By Cameron Kiddle / July 22, 2019
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