December 31, 1969
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Christian Doehring

Christian Doehring is the Solutioning Manager at PureWeb, the leading enterprise streaming solution for interactive, web-based 3D content. In his role, he focuses on building out PureWeb’s product roadmap by interacting with customers, identifying their business needs, and communicating customer needs to the research and development team. Christian brings his diverse experience in software development and product design to PureWeb where he works on user interface design, prototyping, and customer demos. He is passionate about democratizing access to interactive 3D events by streaming everything from trade shows to concerts directly to smartphones, tablets, or mobile phones. Christian works hard behind the scenes to ensure everything is running smoothly during international virtual events and 3D model unveiling. Outside of work, Christian enjoys biking and skiing.

Cloud Streaming

Understanding Deployment Options for Streaming Metaverse Experiences: On Demand vs Scheduled vs Hybrid
By Christian Doehring / February 9, 2022
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Creation Engine Tech

How PureWeb deploys Unity projects without limits
By Christian Doehring / June 24, 2021
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