December 31, 1969
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James Henry

James Henry is chief technology officer of PureWeb, an interactive 3D streaming service based in the Calgary area. He is an executive with extensive experience leading international software organizations. James has set and led strategies for startups, turnarounds, and pivots in a variety of industries experiencing rapid technology change, including oil and gas, healthcare, telecommunications, CAD, gaming, construction, and emerging technologies.


The PureWeb Reality platform now makes limitless Metaverse experiences possible
By James Henry / December 6, 2021
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Real-time 3D

3 considerations to capture business value in the Metaverse
By James Henry / July 8, 2021
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Creation Engine Tech

What gaming can tell us about the future of cloud streaming for business
By James Henry / February 4, 2020
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Cloud Streaming

Why the future of business is in interactive 3D cloud rendering and streaming
By James Henry / January 7, 2020
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Cloud Streaming

Understanding cloud usage costs when streaming interactive 3D
By James Henry / December 11, 2019
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Creation Engine Tech

8 collaboration trends propelling game engine projects
By James Henry / August 14, 2019
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Collaborative Visualization

4 trends steering the future of collaboration through 3D visualization
By James Henry / June 26, 2019
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