December 31, 1969
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Marc Francescangeli

Mark is PureWeb's global director of PureWeb for training simulation. With 18 years of experience, he has a strong background in current and emerging SaaS technologies in enterprise training software (Workforce Management and Analytics, Talent Management, Human Capital management). Mark specializes in optimizing growth via strategic partnerships, OEM, and direct sales to support innovative applications of 3D visualization technology for training, online learning and employee development.

Digital Twins

How to achieve data interoperability with 3D visualizations for your digital twin
By Marc Francescangeli / January 18, 2021
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Training Simulation

How cloud-streaming training simulations deliver real ROI
By Marc Francescangeli / February 18, 2020
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Training Simulation

How companies can deliver 3D training simulations to any mobile device
By Marc Francescangeli / February 10, 2020
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Training Simulation

4 ways game engines accelerate the creation of 3D training simulations
By Marc Francescangeli / January 28, 2020
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Training Simulation

5 challenges with employee training and today's online learning programs
By Marc Francescangeli / January 22, 2020
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