How PureWeb's ResolutionMD® has been helping medical professionals for 20 years

July 13, 2021

The information age has caused an explosion in the amount of data produced worldwide. Part of that growth is caused by the rising number of medical images produced for patient health. To keep up, radiologists would need to interpret one image every 3 to 4 seconds in an 8-hour workday. 

This kind of rushed, non-stop work pace increases the risk of errors and adverse patient outcomes. 

This issue is the latest iteration in a decades-long problem: the lack of mobile, diagnostic quality, and secure collaboration tools in the healthcare space. ResolutionMD, our healthcare solution, has been solving this problem for 20 years in healthcare organizations in 45 countries worldwide. PureWeb’s Calgary Scientific division created ResMD in 2004 as a way to bring medical imaging and collaboration into the twenty-first century. This technology formed the foundation of our Reality platform, which offers interactive 3D streaming solutions to companies within any industry. Now, every industry can benefit from the same robust streaming capability, interactivity, limitless accessibility, and security, whether the project is a training simulation, virtual event, or digital twin. 

These are some of the benefits that ResMD offers healthcare providers around the world. 

Increased mobility by streaming high resolution images to any device

In most hospitals, images go through several base camps before they reach the right person. 

  • Medical image enters the picture archiving and communication system (PACS)
  • Specialist, such as a neurologist or oncologist, receives a call from the hospital 
  • Specialist returns home or to the hospital to open the PACS
  • If the specialist doesn’t have access to the PACS, an image transfer must occur
  • The specialist views the image and provides direction to the hospital’s on-site professionals

These delays can be life-threatening. ResMD enhances accessibility by allowing healthcare professionals to view images securely from any device. These images retain 100% of their original resolution, allowing specialists to conduct accurate consultations remotely with minimal delays. While ResMD offers powerful telemedicine applications, it can also help healthcare organizations speed up workflows on site for doctors who are moving around the facility. 



Enhanced collaboration between healthcare professionals

Enhanced collaboration between healthcare professionals leads to fewer errors and greater patient outcomes. In the past, technology has prevented specialists from consulting with each other across different geographies. 

Today, advancements in communication technology and diagnostic capabilities, even on mobile devices, makes it easier for on-site healthcare professionals to get a second opinion from specialists from across the country or around the world. 

The ResMD viewer makes real time, multi-party collaboration possible through on-screen annotations and the ability to hand over screen reading control to different specialists. 

In essence, healthcare professionals benefit from a collaboration experience similar to a supercharged version of Google Meets or Zoom with the enhanced capabilities, security, and image quality required from a medical image viewer. 


Ensured security regarding highly sensitive patient information

The ResMD workflows operates as follows: 

  • User requests an image from their device
  • Images from the PACS or vendor neutral archive (VNA) are pulled to ResMD
  • PACS images are stored in RAM of the ResMD server without the need to create a second database copy
  • A viewing session is created

In the end, only the image is streamed to the end user’s iPhone, Android, tablet, or computer. The sensitive patient data is secured at the source level, so that no protected patient information is transferred. Moreover, the latest iteration of our viewer, ResMD 8, makes access control easier for healthcare providers. Highly sensitive images can have highly privileged access to limit the number of healthcare professionals that can view them.

Retain high quality and photorealism even on mobile devices

While there are several medical imaging solutions that offer both a desktop and mobile version, the mobile versions often pale in comparison. As a result, healthcare professionals wait until they can access the images from their computer, defeating the purpose of a mobile alternative. When interpreted by trained physicians, ResMD provides a superior, intuitive mobile experience and can aid in diagnosis so that healthcare professionals have the same viewing experience regardless of end device. 


ResMD is powering the new frontier of mobile medical imaging. Get in touch to learn how to enhance collaboration and mobility within your healthcare organization.



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