PureWeb X Pixel Canvas Present: Gamification as a Valuable Tool for Engagement

December 6, 2021

Mark your calendars! Join us on Wednesday, Dec 8th at 9AM PST with special guests Craig Laliberte from Epic Games as well as Rich Reilly and Richard Hassen from Enterprise Events Groups (EEG) for a panel discussion on the value gamification can bring to virtual experiences. 


For brands and businesses looking to maximize stakeholder engagement (whether staff, consumers, or partners) using interactive 3D experiences, we’ll look at recent projects to understand their event objectives, the technology underpinning their experience, and the outcome.


This panel discussion will be hosted in a fully immersive 3D virtual experience designed by Pixel Canvas. After the panel discussion, attendees are invited to visit the virtual booths to explore different gamified experiences from Pixel Canvas’ portfolio. Come try it out for yourself!


TOPIC: What is gamification, why is it a valuable tool to increase audience engagement, and how do you measure success?

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, Dec 8th at 9 AM PST

DURATION: Panel Discussion (45 mins + 15 mins for questions); Booth Visits After Panel (30 mins)


Craig Laliberte, Senior Business Development Manager @ Epic Games

Rich Reilly, Event Producer @ EEG

Richard Hassen, Product Manager @ EEG

Joey Lee, Chief Creative Officer @ Pixel Canvas


Candy Soo, Marketing Director @ PureWeb

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